Get Started Saving Thousands of Dollars or more when selling your home.

1. Assess Your Home to understand if items are in need of repair, paint or carpet. Neutral Color Paint and carpet generally return more dollar for dollar than the cost, making an exceptional value in selling your home.

2. Get a "Home inspection" done on the property prior to listing it so you know if there are issues, you may want to fix. We can also use this home inspection report so buyers can see it as well. The usual cost for an inspection report is around $300 and up usually depending on square footage.

3. If you have wood exposure, eves, decks, etc, or a house older than 7 years old, you should do a Termite inspection prior to putting your house on the market. The reason here is to know if you will have a potential large cost in selling your property. Usual cost for an inspection is around $100. We can also use this termite inspection report so buyers can see it as well.

4. Have an appraiser appraise your home. This will give you the real value of your home so you wont waste your time thinking it is one price when it isn't. This can also get you thousands more than you think as you may not know the true value of your property. Also you can use this "Appraisal Report" as a negotiating tool with buyers. The usual cost is around $400-$450 and takes around 7 days after they see your Home. Remember an appraisal report is based on your home. It is on your SPECIFIC property and a very good negotiating standpoint. Without it, more than likely, it can cost you thousands.

5. You will need to Disclose ALL items of material defects or any reasons why a potential buyer may not want to buy this property. Included the neighborhood, and any neighborhood issues. If You have to ask, you have to include it! Also make a list of all repairs you have done to the property and approx dates when you have. Also include what you were told or informed about the house when you bought it. You do this so you don't end up in a lawsuit after you sell the property. Remember Neighbors tell all.

6. Put Everything Away - Pack it and store it. Storing in garage is OK. Nothing should be left out on counters, vanity's, etc. Everything shows up on Pictures and Video. Personal items, knick knacks, Religious items, etc, is a distraction to home buyers. Distractions cause buyers to lose focus on your house. You must commit to having the house "Stage Ready" every time a buyer comes to see it and when you list it for photos and video. Think "Detailed Car." Remember, Selling your house it is a place to live and a commodity for sale.

7. Now you are ready to call So Cal Homes 866-427-6536 to list your property, take photos, and video. Be ready to do the Disclosures, Home Inspection, Termite and Appraisal Reports to So Cal Homes. Home inspection, termite, and appraisal is not a requirement to get your home listed for sale.

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